About the Alaska State Muzzle Loaders Association


People who shoot muzzleloaders have a variety of interests.  For example, some are interested in competitive shooting, some in hunting with muzzleloaders, and others in living history activities such as historical trekking or reenactments.  Alaska's muzzleloader enthusiasts are scattered throughout a huge expanse of territory, but all have a common interest in historical firearms that are loaded from the muzzle.  The Alaska State Muzzle Loaders Association exists in order to promote that common interest.  

The Alaska State Muzzle Loading Association is a statewide organization that provides, encourages and actively supports a direct and continuing means for responsible use, ownership, collection, trade, sale and display of muzzle loading firearms and all other associated items of historical and current interest.  Although ASMLA has no shooting range of it's own it either sponsors or cosponsors a wide range of muzzleloading events.  For example, the Alaska State Rendezvous, the Alaska State Shoot and NMLRA's Alaska Territorial match.  

Most of Alaska's muzzle loader and living history clubs are affiliated with the State Association, which plays a lead role in representing our interests in the political arena.  


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