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  National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association






Coalition of Historical Trekkers




Midnight Sun Muzzle Loaders

ASMLA / CoHT Alaska State Rendezvous



The Interior's Black Powder dealer and Alaska's living-history specialists.


Offering free web services and domain hosting to Alaska  muzzleloader and living-history organizations.


    Alaska Muzzleloaders Forum Message board focusing on muzzleloader shooting and living-history activities in the Last Great Frontier.


Jim Kruse Custom Muzzleloaders  Jim Kruse is a custom gun-builder in Fairbanks.  His web site includes some detailed photographs that qualify as "eye-candy".

Thread the Needle 0ver 30 years experience tailoring fine clothing, specializing in historically authentic eighteenth-century fashions for reenactors, mountain men, rendezvousers and entertainers.

Muzzle Loading Forum dot-com  Message board includes a wide range of topics of interest to muzzleloader shooters and living history enthusiasts.

Coalition of Historical Trekkers.  Promoting the hobby of historical trekking nationwide, CoHT has a very active chapter in Alaska.   Message Board dedicated to the world of trekking, but not limited to that topic alone.

Beginning Living History website, for beginners in the living history hobbies.

Historical Voyageur Yahooİ Group For reenactors and historians interested in the fur trade of the voyageur era (c. 1770-1830), and focusing on the North West Company (NWC) and Hudson's Bay Company (HBC). This group is also the readers' forum for Northwest Journal


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