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What is a historical rendezvous?

How is a historical rendezvous organized?

About the 2007 Alaska State Rendezvous

Participating in the Alaska State Rendezvous (Rules)


Celebrating America's Frontier History:

During the seventeenth through 19th century much of the history of the United States and Canada was written not by the politicians and armies of the day, but by common people who ventured into previously uncharted regions to carve a new life out of the wilderness.  Some were traders doing business with Native Americans, others were hunters and trappers and still others were poor settlers seeking a bit of land on which they could eke out a living.  All were bold, resourceful people who learned the skills needed to live far beyond the "safety net" of more settled regions.

A historical rendezvous is a living history event where participants celebrate the lives and achievements of our earlier ancestors.  Dressed in historically authentic garb and using only historically authentic reproductions of the shelters and tools used by our ancestors, we reenact the historical gatherings at which early frontiersmen and their families exchanged goods and services and enjoyed the company of far-flung neighbors before returning to their day-to-day routine.  Modern historical rendezvous are loosely patterned after the infamous Rocky Mountain fur-trade rendezvous of the 1820s - 1840, where American trappers called "Mountain Men" gathered each year to exchange their harvest of furs for the goods and supplies needed to spend another season in the mountains. 

Today's historical rendezvous are celebrations of the lifestyles of many of North America's early frontier people, and draw living history enthusiasts who portray a wide range of historical frontier characters ranging from the earliest Colonial days of the 1600s through the Rocky Mountain fur-trade of the mid-nineteenth century.  Participants in modern historical rendezvous compete in muzzleloader shooting matches, a variety of historically authentic games of skill, spin tall tales around the campfire and share the joys of their rewarding hobby around the campfire each evening.

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Organization of a Historical Rendezvous:

Most historical rendezvous' in North America are organized and conducted by a "booshway", from the French "bourgeois".  He is responsible for securing an appropriate site for the event, planning the various competitions and activities, and ensuring necessary resources such as firewood, potable water and adequate sanitation facilities are available to participants.  The booshway coordinates other volunteers to ensure that everything that needs done gets done.    David "Music Man" Underwood was elected booshway for our 2007 Alaska State Rendezvous event.

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